Event Schedule 2019

April 12 Friday.  Hill Cross and Drags 

April 12 Friday 10:00 am - Pea Pod run to Maclaren.

April 13 Saturday.  Relays and Side By races. 

April 13 Saturday.  4:00 pm - Snowmobile parade and pea pod event. Trying to break longest snowmobile parade and pea pod event together).

We have two bands scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Genes, Polaris and Mac Federal CU will give 20 people the chance to roll 5 dice.  

-If Ram appears 5 times to win a new Truck.

-If Polaris appears 5 times to win a new Polaris.

-Mac prizes will be cash and many other prizes in the headquarters every night.  (This event is free to enter at headquarters then we will draw names to throw dice).

Summit has record snow! So come down and ride and get involved in these events. Other events may happen - we will keep you posted.

Parking forms on the website Arcticman.com



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